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Toddler 2021 Christmas List

The ultimate gift guide for your toddler is now right here and easy to navigate.

Below you will find gifts that have been socially vetted by toddlers in the united states… but in all seriousness these are the overall favorites that won’t break the bank!

I’ve broken it down like this:


Physical/Motor Skills

TV/Movie Inspired Fun


Magfire Wood Puzzle: $16.90

Toy Car Ramp: $18.99

Wood Sorting and Stacking Toy: $15.99

Alphabet Jumbo Magnets: $14.99

Number and Color Stacking Puzzle: $19.99


Foam Climbing Blocks: $127

Toddler Tunnel: $19.99

Toddler Sit and Spin: $34.99

Wood and Hearts Climber: $191

Wooden Balance Board: $39.99

TV/Movie Based:

Toy Story Figures

CocoMelon Song Book: $26.99

Bluey Play House Set: $30.49

Peppa Pig Electronic Reader: $17.09

Baby Shark Dancing DJ: $39.99

Let me know what you think in the comments and share with a friend!

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