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Top Baby Registry Items 2021

Finding the right tools for your baby can seem impossible with the endless number of recommendations and options out there, right?

Have no fear; I have compiled a list that’s been vetted by an amazing group of Mom’s and will be sure to be exactly what you need for your little one!

This wrap is my number one recommendation because although it may seem unnecessary you would be shocked to find out how often you use it. From up and down the stairs to do laundry or through a bustling pumpkin patch, having a quality baby wrap/carrier is a must. The "Ergobaby" on provides comfort, quality, and AMAZING instructions. I was able to use mine with my son up until he was close to 25 lbs. We transitioned to a toddler Ergobaby style but this one is in fact my top recommendation as it gave me peace of mind to leave the couch in those first 12 weeks without feeling worried about how I was carrying him in my arms.

Hands down one the most well-known and top rated bottles on the market. The nipple is widely known to be comfortable for newly, adjusting, and picky newborns. PLUS there are not a million different pieces to clean. When I did research in various "Mom Groups" this got a 5 star rating and was recommendation by 89% of the Moms.

Now you may think that this isn't a need.... I was right there with you... Until I got home from the hospital and in the middle of the night downloaded two white noise apps and was praying to god they wouldn't turn off. I eventually bit the bullet and bought this one. What a difference it makes in the routine of putting my child to sleep and helps ease my mind that he's not going to wake to any noise.

4. Burp Cloths: Muslim Burp Cloths

She needs no explanation but GET THESE they are THE GOAT of burp cloths.

5.Pacifiers: MAM Pacifers

One of the steps I took was getting a pack of different pacifiers and I tried literally every kind but as my son grew and became accustom to using a pacifier MAM was the best one for him. He no longer liked the hospital one and he still enjoys having it for sleep. They truly are the best (and available online/in-store) so if you lose one you can always run to the store or place an order.

This is one of those baby products that some Mom's or parents love and some do not care for. I think the best perspective to take is that if you think you would use it then you will and if it looks pointless then its pointless. Newborns and young babies don't move around much and having a place to lay them down for supervised naps or awake time can be extremely helpful. The snuggle me organic was recommended countless times in my surveys and the quality and longevity of it speaks for itself.

This right here is the gold star approved most basic baby product on the whole market. Trust me when I say this simple bouncer is just perfect. I found that sometimes less is more and in this case that is 100% true.

8. Wearable Breast Pump: Momcozy

Okay so this wearable breast pump is new to me since I stopped pumping not even that long ago and I AM MAD. It is 1. inexpensive and 2. it actually works just as good as my $300 Elvie (ugh). A wearable breast pump makes it easier to multi-task and not be attached to the wall.

9. Bath Support: Blooming Bath Lotus

This bath mat for the sink is literally the perfect solution for those early bath days and it so comfortable for baby. It offers a easy way to wash your little one without them having to lay on a hard sink or plastic baby bath seat. I feel like its way too underrated and I seriously recommend grabbing one of these if you don't know what to get for bath time.

10. Nail Filler: Royal Angles Nail File

Nail care is the most anxiety inducing job and this tool literally makes it so much easier! I asked this question and 100% of the responses from my Mom's were "Royal Angles File" so you can't get a better recommendation that that.

I hope that these items help you build your list and share this with your family or friends so that they spoil your baby to be and your as prepared as possible :)

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